About Me


I started painting when the world shut down in March 2020. At first it was just something to pass the time, a new battle to forge. But pretty quickly I was hooked. I've spent countless hours studying my favorite painters on YouTube and experimenting on my own - with all types of paints and mediums and sizes and styles and subjects. It's been one of the most meaningful journeys of my life in just a short time, and I'll count myself blessed to paint for the rest of my life.

In December of 2021 I was graciously invited to become a member of the Maine Art Collective, a group of talented and ambitious artists in southern Maine. A lot of us are relatively new to painting, and it's been an honor getting to know everyone and finding out the best ways to work and sell our artwork together. We had a successful run at a "pop-up" gallery space in Portland's Old Port district last fall on Exchange Street, and as of Summer 2022 we are now located at a beautiful multi-level gallery space at 157 Middle Street, Portland, ME. Please swing by and visit if you're ever in the area! A lot of my currently available work is on display there.

In the meantime, please feel free to browse around here. I try to post all of my completed and available work under original paintings as soon as I can, and I also have made some of my favorite photos I've taken over the past few years available to be ordered as prints as well. All photos are customizable to any size up to 24x36" and can be matted and framed upon request.

I also do custom/commissioned paintings. If there's a special place you'd like to have me bring to life in a meaningful way, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Please follow my journey on Instagram @jeffdanfordart, and if you aren't on there I would love to be in touch - email me at hello@jeffdanfordart.com.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I really appreciate you checking out the site.